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The Surfing Lessons

Fare of our classes Surf

Surf 1-3 classes 500 pesos per class

4 classes 1,950 pesos

5 classes 2,400 pesos

Gopro wáter pictures of your surf sesión 300 pesos

Extra cost of 70 pesos for pickup and drop off in puerto escondido

We offer optionally rent surfboards

The Surf Lessons

Once you’ve arrived at the surf school your surf instructor will give you a basic theory based on the following points:

1. Explaining each part of the surfboard and what its use is

2. Positioning & balancing of your body

3. How to paddle on your board

4. How & when to stand on the board

5. How to fall and protect yourself from your own board

6. How to pass over the waves depending on its size

The theory lesson lasts 15-20 minutes depending on how many people are taking the class. You will then be taken into the water and will put into practice what you learned on the beach under careful supervision of the surfing instructor, who will push you into the waves and aid you in case you fall off the board.


• the student MUST know how to swim

• the student MUST be sober

• the student MUST NOT put sunblock on his/her body because they will slip on the surfboard – we recomend only apply sunblock on the face, the rashguard will protect your back and shoulders from the sun


• we recommend you make sure you do not have a big meal before the class

• we recommend you wear board shorts

• and of course arrive on time at the point of meeting If this type of surfing lesson is what you want, then please view the prices and contact us to make a booking.